Friday, 14 June 2013

Personal Training

Looking to get fit but don't like the gyms try a different approach. Now its finally summer its the perfect time to GET OUT and GET FIT.

AMPT-fitness is a London based outdoor personal training company we offer great value for money sessions in central London zones 1 and 2 either outdoors or at home training.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in contact us get in touch via facebook here

Prices vary but a one hour session costs just £20
Group discounts are available

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Muscle weighs more then fat

I recently cam across this thread OMG everything this guy said is factually true but he kinda misses the point.

While as he state a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle (quite an obvious statement)  the densities of these two substance are quite different as you can in the picture below.

muscle vs fat, muscle and fat, weigh muscle, weigh fat, muscle, fatThis has repercussions on health and how you should measure your fitness.While jumping on the scales every other Sunday when you get up will give you a reasonable indication of how your body has changed it won't tell you the whole story.If fitness or looking good are you aims then you should take other factors then just weight into account.Waist measurements, body fat percentage and simply looking in the mirror should also be taken into account.If you have been training hard for a couple of week and jump on the scales and they show an increase in weight don't panic it doesn't necessarily mean that your not making progress it could just mean that you have got more muscle.  

Monday, 10 June 2013

Voucher Give Away

With the summer finally here its the perfect time for people to start their new lifestyle. 

We are offering 3 Personal training vouchers worth £100 each. These vouchers will be redeemable for any AMPT-fitness services.

If you want to enter you will need to register on our facebook page by liking the page and then sending a message to the page with the your name and an e-mail address.

After 2 weeks we will draw the three lucky winners and they will be announced on the facebook page and an e-mail will be sent to them to give them the good news if you are interested in this opportunity please contact me via phone or e-mail.

This offer will be run until July 14th  and the winners will be announced on July 15th so get your entries in.

Good luck.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Plyometric Exercises

An example of true plyometrics
Ever heard of plyometrics also called plyos and jump training.  Even if you haven't heard the word plyometrics you have probably used them at some point in your workouts.  Examples of plyometrics are clapping push ups and jump squats.

Plyometrics are explosive exercises designed to improve speed and power.  The object of plyometrics is to exert maximum force in minimal time.

The basic thought behind plyometric training is jumping.

There are two branches of plyometric training you have the original type of training which involves dropping from a height which causes an involuntary eccentric muscle contraction as your legs bend which is then quickly followed by a concentric contraction to jump upward.  this is called the shock method and is useful for people with a good base strength to build speed and power.  This type of training is often referred to as explosive or true plyometric training.  The emphasis here is on speed the time between landing and jumping up again should be as quick as possible around 0.2 seconds.

this is used in a variety of different sports to increase performance in both amateur and professional athletes as they can mimic the movements in sports such as boxing, skiing, basketball and tennis.

The second type of plyometric training involves jumps of all types regardless of execution time as a result many of the exercises that are now referred to as plyometric don't actually have all the benefits of the original system.

Jump lunges, explosive lunges
Plyometric Lunges
This does not mean that they aren't useful however the are still more effective in training for power and speed then conventional resistance training movements and are also good for aerobic exercise.  workouts including plyometrics tend to be more intense then traditional resistance workouts.

There are also risks associated with this type of training.  If you don't have an adequate strength base to begin with you are susceptible to injury from plyometric training so must be used carefully and are a set of exercise for the more advanced.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fitness Tips

Interval Training
fitness, fit, workout
Want to increase your cardio fitness try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  It means that you push your self into the anaerobic zone which improves your performance and this can have great benefits to your training.  Its also more time efficient then steady state training you get more benefits from a 20 minuet HIIT workout then a hour of steady state training.


If you want an effective workout its important to plan ahead, go to the gym knowing exactly what your going to do even if you don't write it down.  If you know what you want to do you will waste less time at the gym and you will have a more intense workout.


When lifting weights your aim is to fail.  This may sound silly but when lifting you need to lift to failure.  If you want to do a set of 8 reps you should choose a weight that you will struggle to do 8 reps with on the first set, this will mean in later sets you can't complete the reps.


Strength come from the core if you want to lift more or run faster or pretty much any fitness goal a strong core will help you with these goals.  You need to train you back and stomach to get a nice strong core.

Range of Motion

For an effective workout its important to use the full range of motion of an exercise.  When doing squats you will get more benefit from doing 4 reps going all the way down then you will from doing 20 reps just dipping down 2 inches, this is true for all exercises.


When designing workouts most people think of the variables of weight and numbers of Reps and Sets but very few consider rest when working out.  This can be just as important as other factors, for example if you want to build muscular endurance you need very short rests between sets about 30 seconds. but if you want to build strength a rest of up to 5 minuets.


Form is important you need to keep proper form to prevent injury the harder you work the more weight you lift and the more important form is.


Its important to be aim at something this will help you with your motivation.  Your goals should be SMART they should be specific, you should be able to measure them, they should be achievable  realist and have a time frame they.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Workout Challenges

A great way of telling if your workouts are giving more then sweat and sore muscles is to try these challenges when you start out and then wait for 1 - 2 months and try them again.

If you couldn't finish the challenge then your goal is to get further or to actually finish if you did finish then your goal is to beat your time.

Here are a couple of workout challenges to try from Tribesports they have loads of these challenges on their site.
challenge, workout, training, exercise
challenge, core, stomach, abs, workout

Try them out The 99 Workout is pretty brutal on the legs those wall sits really start to burn.  Most of the exercise are quite self explanatory the leg lift are done standing and lifting your knees high to your chest if you find these too easy they can be substituted for plyometric lunges.

You can use these as workouts in there own right and add weight to make them harder or you can use them as bench marks for your fitness.  Go out give them a go and see how far you can get then work on beating your score or time when you try again.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How to Do Pull Ups

My goal at the moment is to be able to do 3 sets of 10 pull ups in this post I'll tell you how I'm going to train to reach this goal.
chin up, back exercise, lats

I'll start by describing a pull up:  

Using a pull up bar position your hands about shoulder width apart hands facing away from you pull your elbows down and back this will bring your body up you need to get your chin over the bar and then lower yourself down in a controlled manner.

Pull ups place a lot of the effort on your latissimus dorsi or Lats combined with shoulders and biceps, the exercise also works your core and pelvic floor these muscles are used to stabilise you during the exercise and your forearms and grip are also trained during this exercise.

To start with I determined my current level this was quite simple I jumped on a pull up bar and gave it a go, I was able to do 3 reps.

This is my starting point to improve this I need to build the muscles used in a pull up to do this I'm going to use four exercises.

row, back exercises, isolation
The first is the one arm row this is a great starting point as it develops both the lats and the muscles in the arm used for pull ups.  This make it a good starting point because its easy to vary the intensity of this exercise by simply changing the size of the dumbbell used 

The goal is to be able to do 3 sets of 10 with a 20kg dumbbell.  to achieve this start with a weight that you can manage 3 sets of 10 and slowly add weight to this until you are able to manage 20kg.

row, back exercise, lats, rhomboid

The next stage is the inverted row, this exercise increases the difficulty and changes the angles from the one arm row and also brings your core muscles in to play, these points mean that it is closer to a pull up then the one arm row.

Because of the way you need to progress with this exercise the smith machine is great as it allows you to adjust the height of the bar, the higher the bar is the easier this exercise will be the end goal should be to do this exercise at 45 degrees.

The last progression I'm using to get me to my 3 sets of 10 is a Negative Pull up.  This works by just training the last phase of the exercise the down stage, your muscles are 70% stronger in this phase the eccentric phase, and this can be used to your advantage.  This is the stage that trains all the muscles used in a pull up in the same direction as the final pull up.  For this stage to be effective you have to jump up to the chin over the bar stage of the pull up and then lower yourself in a controlled manner about 3 seconds to lower your self completely the goal is 3 sets of 10.

The last stage is to move on to real pull ups you should aim to do 10 pull ups in one workout not necessarily one set and then build this in to 10 in one set and then move on to the other 2 sets.

If followed correctly this should make me a pull up king in a couple of months fingers crossed I'll keep you posted.